We are fundraising with our amazing partners to help meet our goal to make the National Health Careers Conference #HealthCareersLive programme freely accessible to 5 million more potential nurses, midwives, doctors and allied health professionals by July 2023. Because education and healthcare should be free to access #ForAll 

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For Sailing Through Uncertainty

Time Session Speaker & Organisation(s)
10:00 - 10:45
Supporting International Medical Graduates & Myth-Busting including Q&As
Tista Chakravarty-Gannon, Associate Director, General Medical Council
10:45 - 12:00
Welcoming and valuing International Medical Graduates
International Medical Graduates (IMGs) have served the NHS since its inception. However, there has not been a standardised induction programme to enable IMGs to be integrated into NHS working and living in the UK. Meanwhile, substantial research evidence has become available to demonstrate the benefits of a comprehensive induction not only for the wellbeing and performance of IMGS but also to patient safety and the delivery of high-quality care. A comprehensive induction programme has been in development since 2019 and is now ready to be implemented across NHS Trusts. The aim is to formally launch the induction programme on 27 June 2022.
12:00:00 - 12:30:00
Living your best life as a Caregiver
Dr Tim Alnuamaani, Clinical Director, GM Universities Student Mental Health Service

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National Health Careers Conference 2023
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