We are allied health professionals.

We play a crucial role


There are 15 allied health professional roles, including physiotherapist, prosthetist and therapeutic radiographer just to name a few. And they all have one thing in common: they play a vital part in treating, rehabilitating and improving the lives of patients.

Allied Health Professional - On Demand Videos

Becoming an AHP?

Session Bio: The National Health Careers Conference welcomed Mandy Tuckey, Sally Mieu, Arron Miller, Gaby Ford and Alisha Bycroft with their discussion on all things 'Becoming an AHP Information to all routes and access to AHP roles at all Levels'

Session Speakers: Mandy Tuckey, Sally Mieu, Arron Miller, Gaby Ford and Alisha Bycroft

Could you be an AHP?

Session Speakers: Sarah Bradder | Anne Onwusiri

AHP Career Changer

Session Bio: Paul Chapman ‘AHP Career Changers’ start with the animation on career changers. This session discusses transferrable skills and routes into the programme and careers in health and social care using apprenticeship/apel and include those leaving armed forces Paul Chapman to chair and planning presentation and small panel.

Session Speakers: Paul Chapman

AHP's in primary care

Session Speakers: Ciara Tilley | Lisa Ledger | Helen Beaumount | Genevieve Smyth | Andy Collen | Jodie Smith | Simon Ingram

We are allied health professionals.

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Email conference@healthcareers.live should you want to find out more about becoming a Allied Health Professional and the team will be able to connect you with relevant professionals and students in training. 

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