Health Careers Live Awards 2020
Nominations Are Now Closed! Thank you to all.
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Health Careers Live Awards 2020 Winners

Please find the guidance for the nomination below.


– You may want to nominate a friend, colleague, supervisor, or student of yours – all this is acceptable! Simply detail your reasons for nomination and your relationship to the nominee in the boxes provided.

– We ask that you do not nominate any of your direct family members.

– Any current healthcare student or professional from any role including medicine, nursing, allied health professions, pharmacy, physicians associates, dentistry and social care, and wider healthcare roles can be nominated. This list is not exhaustive and this list is only 7 out of the 350 careers within the NHS.

– Aspiring healthcare students can also be nominated 

Reasons for nominations include 

– Someone who has recently made a difference for others on a personal or professional level through their actions.

– Someone who is providing a good example for others in their profession or role.

– This may be through a specific activity they have organised, the support they have offered or resilience and professionalism they have displayed

– Please ensure you have permission to share your nominee’s name and email with us.

The nominations are now open