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There are 29 different specialties in Medicine that offer doctors a broad array of opportunities. These roles make up a diverse range of fields such as clinical genetics, infectious diseases, neurology, and sports and exercise medicine. Embark on an exploration of the various roles within medicine and discover how you can start your journey!

Medicine - On Demand Videos

Effective strategies in applying to medical school and Life at a Brand New Medical School

Session Speakers: Dr David Harrison | Vinuja Premakumar | Benedict Osei-Boadu

Why not to apply for Medicine

Session Speaker: Prof Kevin Murphy

Alternative Routes to Medicine

Session Speakers: David Bull, Monisha Gupta, Marcus Dimmock, Dr Mandy Hampshire, Dr Matt Griffiths

MMI Workshop

Session Speakers: Freya Anderson, Kirsty Cavanagh, Scott Oswald, Calum Silcock, Emma Ritchie, Katie Leslie

Panel of Medical Students - Q&A opportunity for Aspiring Students

Session Speakers: James Hayes, Connor Dibblin, Bridget, Momna

Panel: International Perspectives on Medical Education

Session Speakers: Filippos Papadopoulos, Andrew Awuah Wireko, Frida Zora, Rayanni Freire and Sasha Boichuk

Q+A for Graduate Entry Medicine

Session Speakers: Karis Harbertson | Gursh Hayer | Florence Meek

The Future of Medicine

Session Bio: Explore the future of Medicine with Professor Colin Melville, Medical Director and Director of Education and Standards at the General Medical Council 

Session Speakers: Prof Colin Melville

Medicine in a changing world

Session Bio: Professor Dame Parveen Kumar: Medicine in a changing world

Session Speaker: Prof Dame Parveen Kumar

GMC: Reflecting on your Journey and Ethical Scenarios

Session Bio: Join Tista Chakravarty - Gannon, Head of Outreach at the General Medical Council to learn how you might reflect on healthcare experiences and discuss interesting ethical scenarios. A must-attend session for future interviews and to learn more about the dilemmas doctors and healthcare professionals face.

Session Speaker: Tista Chakravarty - Gannon

Explore a career in Medicine.

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