Nursing and Midwifery

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As a nurse, each day brings a unique experience. The nursing specialisation you choose determines your activities, which could involve assisting individuals in overcoming mental obstacles, caring for newborns, aiding those with learning disabilities, or rescuing lives in the emergency room.

Nursing and Midwifery - On Demand Videos

Breaking Through Despite The Odds

Session Speakers: Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu

Nursing 2020 - what it is and what it isn't

Session Speaker: Tyrone Roberts

Becoming a Midwife

Session Bio: This session will discuss the journey to becoming a midwife: Discussing what is midwifery, what does it mean to be a midwife, the history of midwifery. The session explains the qualifications required, the application process, interviews, what the degree entails over the three years, and what a week of a student midwife looks like. The session ends with some positive tips/mantras to go by which to get through the degree and world of healthcare. 

Session Speaker: Tia Charles

The world of midwifery

Session Bio: Dr Angela Hancock will introduce you to the world of midwifery, by talking about her own career and introducing you to colleagues with various non-medical roles in maternity care. She will highlight some key documents underpinning and supporting maternity transformation before describing the various routes into the profession. She will also provide some hints and tips on completing applications and preparing for interviews.

Session Speaker: Dr Angela Hancock

Managing Portfolio Careers in the NHS

Session Speakers: Mrs Henrietta Mbeah-Bankas

Nursing and Midwifery

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